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    Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer Supplier and Design

    We at Richa Environmental Services Private Limited offer ETP ( Effluent Treatment Plant  ETP ) for wide range of process for removing and recycling the chemicals along with wastewater.

    Engineering excellence is a process of refinement, Standing tall in the field of Effluent Treatment Plant with innovating pure cutting edge technologies to deliver low cost ETP for your Industry

    The effluent treatment plant are designed on the basis of detailed evaluation of process For suggesting proper treatment method for the ETP metals and toxic ions need to be known beforehand.

    The various types of contamination of wastewater require a variety of strategies to remove the contamination.

    The Equipment are fabricated under the strict quality control.

    Treatment Philosophy of Effluent Treatment plant

    The effluent is collected in a Equalization Tank where it is equalized with respect to its characteristics and flow. The contents are kept in mixed conditions with the help of air blowing. The effluent before entering Equalization tank is screened by means of coarse Bar screens The equalized effluent is then pumped to a Flash Mixing Tank followed by a Flocculation Tank. Chemicals like lime and alum are dosed in the Flash Mixing Tank to aid coagulation. Anionic polyelectrolyte is dosed in the Flocculation Tank to aid in the agglomeration of the particles. The flocs formed are removed in the downstream Up flow Filter or tube settler or lamella clarifier After the primary treatment effluent flows by gravity to the Biological Reactor for reduction of BOD/COD aerobically. The air is supplied by means of bubble diffusion. The biological solids generated are removed in the secondary settling tank ie tube settler or lamella clarifier The clarified effluent is polished and disinfected by dosing sodium hypochlorite in the Chlorine Contact Tank. The disinfected water and then passed through Pressure Sand filter and Activated Carbon Filter The disinfected effluent is suitable for disposal. Or Collect them in a evaporation pond.

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    We offer only high quality and do not use Cheap and low cost Electro mechanical Equipment 

    Chemical Methods of Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Chemical methods for industrial (factory ) wastewater treatment take advantages of two Types of property

    • 1. The chemical characteristics of the pollutants ( regarding their tendency to react with, or interact with, treatment chemicals)

    • 2. The chemical characteristics of the products of reaction between pollutants and treatment chemicals, regarding their solubilities, volatilities, or other property that relates to the inability of the product to remain in water solution or suspension

    In general Six chemical processes are used to remove substances / chemicals / heavy metals from the factory wastewater

    • Reaction to destroy or deactivate a chelating agent

    • Reaction to produce an insoluble gas

    • Reduction of surface charge to produce coagulation of a colloidal suspension.

    • Reaction to produce an insoluble solid.

    • Reaction to produce a biologically degradable substance from a nonbiodegradable substance.

    • Oxidation or reduction to produce a non objectionable substance or a substance that can be removed more easily by one of the previous methods.

Heavy Metals Removing ETP

Chromium , copper, zinc, nickel, silver, arsenic, selenium, cadmium and lead are heavy metals which are produced by many industries / factories . We Offer highly efficient Treatment Plants for removing / treatment of wastewater heavy metals. Our ETP will include lime precipitation and clarification , iron co precipitation (ferric chloride ) and adsorption , reverse osmosis , ion exchange .Kindly note ETP for removing heavy metals may include one or other above mentioned techniques.

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Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant

ZLD Wastewater Treatment Plant
Cost of ETP 20 KLD 25 KLD 30 KLD ETP

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